2/19 Bn AIF


In June 2001 the final meeting of the 2/19 AIF Battalion Association, accepted an invitation from the President of 1/19 RNSWR Association for some members to join the 1/19 Committee and liaise on behalf of the members coming over from 2/19 Bn AIF Association to 1/19 RNSWR Association. It was resolved at that same meeting that the affairs of the 2/l9 Battalion AIF Association pass to the care of the 1/19 RNSWR Association.The aim of the 2/19 AIF Battalion Association aim, and the expressed wish of the President of 1/19 RNSWR Association, was to keep in touch with all Members, Associate Members and Family in furthering the interests of the 2/19 Battalion welfare and history through the combined 1/19 and 2/19 newsletter, and to ensure that the camaraderie that has existed for over sixty years continues. It was not intended to be a replacement for the 2/19 Battalion Association Committee, which has passed into history. It is hoped that there will be continued co-operation of all Members and Associate Members in keeping the communication link going.

It is the wish of members of 1/19 RNSWR Association to maintain and further the history of all those who served with the 2/19th Battalion AIF. To that end it is hoped that you will all continue your support, as in the past. Participation is vital in ensuring ‘the tradition does continue’.

“Boldly & Faithfully”